Development support in rural areas of Ghana

The future of the world shall be decided in rural areas. The lack of prospects of young people in the rural areas of developing countries is a ticking time bomb that must be defused.

In Africa alone, some 200 million young people will enter the labour market by 2030. Rural areas therefore need new innovative, ecological and economic impulses in order to reduce or stop the flight to Europe, especially to Germany.

The German government and German companies have recognised this problem and have already responded. Some companies have developed innovative technologies in the field of renewable energy and agriculture, with a focus on job creation in rural areas.

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Ghanaian rural regions need prospects for the future

In cooperation with our local partners, we plan and implement projects in Ghana in the fields of agriculture, forestry, healthcare, education, renewable energy, infrastructure and the environment. We are particularly committed to sending professional Know-how to Ghana. The purposefully planned transfer of knowledge and experience is intended to support the economic and social development of Ghana. In doing so, we are contributing to raising the standard of living and tackling the unemployment problem and the lack of prospects in Ghana.
We support the training and qualification of young people in Ghana and Germany and handle the resources at our disposal responsibly and carefully. We are committed to the basic democratic order and act responsibly towards society.

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